Funding and taxation

The business tax levied on the local businesses is collected by Roissy Porte de France, rather than by the constituent municipalities. The majority of this revenue is in turn given back to the municipalities, which use it to carry out community projects. With curbed tax rates, Roissy Porte de France offers a favourable business environment for new and existing companies, while continuing to maintain a high level of services for its population.

Tax rates

  • Single business tax (TPU): 11.03 %
  • Occupancy tax (TH): 1.13 %
  • Tax on developed land (TFB): 1.24 %
  • Tax on undeveloped land (TFNB): 5.66 %
  • Household waste collection tax (TEOM): 3.83 %

What is the tax paid by the inhabitants used for?

The household waste collection tax (TEOM) enables a satisfactory waste collection, sorting and treatment service for all the municipalities under the combined district authority. Over 3.4 million euros are paid directly by the combined district authority budget.

The occupancy and land taxes collected by the combined district authority go towards funding the various community services which fall under its sole responsibility. In the main, these are assuming costs for school transport (50% funding of travel passes), for the taxis operating under the combined authority district scheme, and for the inter-municipal police force (47 officers), managing the inter-municipal training centre, the 4 inter-municipal swimming pools (events, operation of the equipment, school swimming activities and transport to the swimming pools for schoolchildren, covering the difference in prices for certain cultural activities (shows, music school, dancing, etc.), covering the cost of free social and legal surgeries, of the Archéa museum and its branches, setting up networks between municipal and community libraries; managing the Ysieux inter-municipal cinema and activities for elderly and handicapped people and certain environmental projects (cycling paths, Villeron forest, and Le Thillay lake).